View Full Version : Brush size when playing back a recording

01-28-2020, 04:42 AM
I sort of have a feeling I've requested this before and I see a few requests about brush size on the suggestions but anyhoo

When playing back a recording of a painting process, allow the brush size to go over the magical 500% cap so user can render in print size

I use my trusty (very old) drawing tablet to paint stuff in ArtRage, but I'd love to render them later in print size. As it so happens, the 500% brush limit (which is incredibly small, especially when importing your own high resolution scanned brushes) makes the renders look pretty bad. Is there a fundamental technical limitation in ArtRage's render engine that prohibits big brushes (and I mean BIG, like 4096px) or is it possible to at least on the recording playback to circumvent the limitation?

This is still one of the main reasons I don't use ArtRage in production as I can't render or paint in print size. : /

Still, one of the greatest painting programs ever made, kudos once again <3