View Full Version : Layer Visability

11-21-2019, 03:29 AM

Is there a way that one can make all layers' visibility -off or all on or all locked... other than grouping the layers and doing this to the group ?

Or can one make a multiple selection of layers ... either by shift or control as in windows explorer when selecting multiple files ?

Moving one layer at a time into a group, or switching visibility, or merging one at a time ... is cumbersome.

That will also speed up layer control.


11-21-2019, 05:57 AM
Sadly multiple selection of layers is not currently possible:( though it has often been requested.
We live in hope!

11-21-2019, 05:18 PM
You may be able to do what you need with scripting.

11-27-2019, 03:09 AM
Thank you for the replies.