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10-18-2019, 10:55 AM
Draw simple shape with ink brush, say a square .

With a solid color fill tool I can fill the middle of the square.

But if I use a gradient or pattern, it fills the entire canvas.


10-18-2019, 01:15 PM
Hello danna,
Here are two posts I made about this some time ago.
The Fill Tool now has a Gap Tolerance setting and a Slow Motion setting when working with solid colours but basically the info in the posts still applies.
Basic Fills: https://forums.artrage.com/showthread.php?45108-is-there-a-regular-brush-in-artrage-4-and-fill-tool-question&p=453014#post453014
Gradient and Pattern Fills Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDO_BQa2xKo&feature=youtu.be
Hope they help.

10-19-2019, 01:07 AM
Thanks Mark ... movin on !