View Full Version : Finding AR version on iPad

10-18-2019, 10:42 AM
Where do I find what version I have in AR? While on my Mac Book pro 15” all I need to do is run my cursor over AR in the dock and the version pops up (AR 5). On my iPad no such thing happens, if I go to members area, I do see what I have but which one is on the iPad and am I seeing both lap top and pad together? How do I know which version is where? Thanks. Please note my computer skills are best terrible.
Still trying to find what version I have on my iPad, (oct 20/19). My reason for looking is simple, I have AR5 on my laptop, just want to know what do I have on my iPad? I am told, because the iPad is considered mobile you cannot have the same AR on your iPad as you have on your laptop (both are Mac). Why not have the information placed on the AR icon that is on the dock? Just ordered AR6 but can’t find it. Must admit, I am confused and need to understand what it is I am do wrong. Thanks

10-23-2019, 08:49 AM
It is now October 22 and I still can not find the AR6 that I downloaded. I went to members area and I have three registration numbers, under applications on my Mac book pro I have AR 4&5 listed, no 6. Where, or how do I find it? What did you do to get it downloaded and get to use it ?Thanks, need help. Support has not got back to me yet, I know they will, but I am anxious.

10-23-2019, 12:10 PM
The iPad version does not show up in the registration area. It is on the iPad App Store. Open the App Store, Search Art Rage. If you tap the price it will let you buy it, or download it if you have already purchased it.

You can also go to the Updates tab, Tap your Icon in the Top Right, This will open the Account panel, Tap Purchased and it will show all your purchases and you can download it from there.

To see what verion you iPad Artrage is, ensure it's quit not just closed. Tap it's Icon as it opens the version is displayed on the splash screen, mine is 2.3. The iPad App store will notify you when there is an update if you don't have Auto Update enabled.

10-24-2019, 10:33 AM
I did finally find AR6 on my MacBook Pro. It was in the download folder, found in the dock far right side. It has been two years since I last used the MacBook and I forgot how downloading went. Can’t tell you how happy I am to finally find it, now I can get back to what I enjoy doing. Still looking what version I have on my iPad. It must be the latest, because I usually do all the updates. So thanks for your help,I will continue searching, now it will be a curiosity and not just a need to know.