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10-15-2019, 06:06 AM
Hi there all your wonderfully artistic people.

In Artrage 6, there is an option to 'copy visible layers'. I thought, probably foolishly, that you could copy said layers and paste them into a fresh page and although I go through the motions, this is not what happens. What happens is that only one layer pastes, so I still have to do them all individually.

So, quickie question.
Is this what it should do or is it for something else...or...does it not work? hahaha

Every hopeful...

10-15-2019, 06:38 AM
Hello ginahobbit:),
Well I never noticed that!
It doesn’t appear in previous versions of AR and isn’t documented as a new feature in AR6.
So, yes it’s either totally broken or perhaps some code that Andy was playing/experimenting with and forgot to remove prior to AR6’s release and shouldn’t even be there!

10-16-2019, 07:02 AM
Ok, well, I shall wait until he remembers it and see what happens then.
Thank you for your reply!