View Full Version : Finally bought the upgrade

09-01-2019, 02:03 PM
Wellllllll! I finally got back into my account and into the forum (nothing nefarious...I moved to a new state and things got lost) and now I just upgraded to 6. The pencil I am finally happy with. And it seems to not irritate the newest incarnations of MacHissy Fits. Matter of fact. Looking really swell. I will be burying myself in this for the next few weeks rediscovering an old friend.

D Akey
09-02-2019, 12:22 AM
That's the spirit! Have fun!

09-02-2019, 02:01 AM
Well, I tried to put Artrage through its paces and it's much better then before. Never got my grid question addressed but I worked out a solution on my own. I have beta tested art programs before so the navigation was fairly straight forward and I like the intuitive feel Artrage has always presented. I was never clear as the the demographic that the company was trying for--seemed scattered but hey this is art so who the hell really cares. The piece I used is a worked I am also doing in Medibang Pro called "The Tailor". Simple and straightforward. It's not well presented because by dawn I was exhausted and in need of a vampire's rest and a can of tomato juice. But's it's in its early stage so this is just a sketch at the moment. I will try a few more things.