View Full Version : Art or Math Nerdary?

08-17-2019, 12:01 PM
Here's what happens when you let a software engineer loose with ArtRage 6 and the script engine....

You get a Mandelbrot Set, painted with paint daubs by a script which I've hacked around with.

I've attached the script for your amusement... Select a tool which produces vivid but reasonably small dots for a small daub, before running the script. The attached version was done with the water color brush, 10% size, dark blue, set to high pressure and loading and medium thinners. A smaller brush would give better definition of the set but a less painted look.

D Akey
08-17-2019, 07:51 PM
Works for me! Just went and saw the Leonardo daVinci show where they had made models from many of his sketchbooks. There is really no dividing line between art and geekery, at least if one is of the Renaissance persuasion.

Good job!

08-18-2019, 11:08 AM
Wow ... did not know scripting in ArtRage was so powerful.

I'm inspired.

Hmmm... thinking scripts might be useful for custom brush head creation... randomization.... a bristle density function... oh what fun!