View Full Version : An Ideal Art Rage to come

07-01-2019, 11:29 PM
For the way I am working I would like to save a soft like
a mix between : Art Rage (simplicity), Twisted Brush (books explorer, easy dimensions for the pages,
when you have enough of painting you just quit, the soft do the savings it self, a good brush explorer,
when you have many brushes you still can work light with them, etc.), Rebelle ( no doubt, the kind of watercolor it has, the best after me);
actually I don't do programming and I have no Idea if is technically possible all that;
but if it is, can't you manage to merge with the other softs and do a wonderful tool for Artists ?

In the comercial part I am even less able to understand how it works, You know best;
this was just an Idea and a Desiderata, for the Future maybe :cool: