View Full Version : Is there a way to crop an Art Rage painting in process within the program?

Stephen Lo Piano
05-16-2019, 12:17 PM
Recently using Art Rage 5 ran into a situation where I could not find a solution to the problem and after a work around may have a suggestion that would make things easier.

I was working on a painting portrait and after a while of filling in colors found myself in a situation where I wanted to cut out the bottom part of some image space.
Could not figure out any way to crop only a rectangular space at the bottom of the painting. Resizing seemed to be limited to adding or removing space on all four sides. Most graphic arts programs that have this ability include a crop tool. I could be totally mistaken and have overlooked a possible way to do this yet if there is none I would like to make the addition of a crop tool a suggestion for future releases of Art Rage.

To show the situation I encountered I have two attachments of the image here.
The one with the lettering of Ruth Buzzi with a solid color background was the image I was attempting to crop and could only fill in the lower area space with a color and lettering instead of cropping.

The second image was cropped in the Windows paint program the way I wanted to present the finished painting.

I had to add some canvas to the start up image since my painting started to overrun the estimated area I started with to include everything I wanted in the painting.
When I increased the canvas size I needed the top and sides to be extended and also needed to reduce the bottom area of the painting. Some way of cropping the painting by excluding the bottom rectangular area was what I was searching to do.

05-16-2019, 01:53 PM
Is this what you wish to do?

Using the selection tool, 97608 indicate the area you want to keep (marching ants). Edit/Crop to Selection.

97606 97607

Stephen Lo Piano
05-21-2019, 10:52 AM
I work with so many different graphic arts programs and most work the same way for cropping and basically use the same type of icon, Art Rage is different. I did try the way you show here and it worked this time. I must have done something wrong with dragging the mouse and clicking when I was attempting to crop since I did pick that highlighting icon and attempted the edit/crop to selection in the menu yet did not work. That is why I started this thread, yet now I find it was not necessary, your reply thread here motivated me to try it again. Thanks for your time and consideration.