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Stephen Lo Piano
04-18-2019, 12:45 PM
I have an extensive web site created for displaying all the artwork I have done over the years of my life. I consider this my own private on-line art gallery.
The web site is over 140 pages, with 4 different sections.

I have an area in the Digital Art section of my web site devoted to paintings I have created using the Art Rage program, versions 1,2,4, or 5.
Below is a link to get you to the Art Rage section. The link goes there instead of the opening front page since if you have never been to this site you might get lost trying to find the Art Rage section since this web site has a lot of different pages. It does not take a lot of time to get used to the way I have set up the navigation through this entire web site yet if you do not have a lot of time this direct to Art Rage section will help with limited time.
If you take time to view and look over the web pages there, I would like an opinion as to what you think of this Art Rage area of the web site. This area might be helping to promote the Art Rage program and get people interested in trying it out (free advertising for Ambient Design)?

My web site is entirely created by hand coding (html, css, java script, and a few gif animations) all images in the digital and mixed media areas created with different graphic arts programs. The Traditional Media Artwork section has photographed images of paintings done years ago in natural media oil and acrylic paints, and other media. The backgrounds for every page were also created from scratch using digital images I created instead of cut and paste from web hosting services that provide templates to use and/or stock photos and artwork. Some of the backgrounds were created with Art Rage.

if you look around the entire web site out of interest the front page has three sections: Traditional Media Artwork, Digital Computer Artwork, and Mixed Media Artwork (Ideas started from natural traditional media and later continuations with digital through editing from photos of the artwork). The images in these three sections have no pornographic imagery or nudity, you can get to the Art Rage section from there. There is an adult section you can enter through by clicking on a thumbnail type avatar image in the top right corner labelled adults only section XXX. Be fore warned there is some heavy duty comical and nasty stuff in the adults only XXX section, along with some colorful digital attractive nude paintings (some of these also created with Art Rage). If this type of stuff is something you prefer not to view, then do not enter that section of the web site. I have deliberately segregated this section for anyone that does not like this type of imagery.

Get to the Art Rage section using this link:
http://www.stephenlopiano.com/3A1%20A%20Front%20Page%20Images%20Created%20With%2 0Art%20Rage.html

D Akey
04-18-2019, 07:28 PM
. . .

Get to the Art Rage section using this link: http://www.stephenlopiano.com/3A1 A Front Page Images Created With Art Rage.html

Stephen, that link doesn't work. Says "File Not Found". Just a heads up.

Stephen Lo Piano
04-24-2019, 09:31 AM
Well thanks for the heads up, do not know why that linked failed yet this one works, copied and pasted from the web page adding all these 20% into the web site information.

D Akey
04-24-2019, 03:00 PM
Well thanks for the heads up, do not know why that linked failed yet this one works, copied and pasted from the web page adding all these 20% into the web site information.

Ah yes, it now works using your link only. I don't know why.
I just copied and pasted this one and it doesn't work for me again. But yours above did. Go fig. Maybe the three dots after the 20 had address stuff in it that didn't get copied. Anyway, that's my problem and not yours. Everybody should use your link in the original post of this thread.


I love the burger and fries motif! Hahah. The site is unique and has your great stylistic vibe all over it. Feels very Americana. Well done. A lot of focus went into that, and some years too. I remember when you started talking about doing it. And you're finally there! Congratulations, Stephen!!! Go man go!!!

BTW, I grabbed this from the address bar on your home page and it was a whole lot longer and was reduced so it didn't take up so much space in the post I assume. But it works when I grabbed it from the address bar on your site and pasted it here. So this one works even though the blue hyperlink reads identical to the one that doesn't:

http://www.stephenlopiano.com/3A1%20A%20Front%20Page%20Images%20Created%20With%2 0Art%20Rage.html

Stephen Lo Piano
04-29-2019, 07:10 AM
Well thanks a lot for encouragement and information.

I am not a professional web site designer and do not know a whole lot beyond what was needed to create my on-line web site type of art gallery. The whole idea was not spontaneous, instead, started with a plan drawn out in a flow chart for creating separate areas for different types of medium and subject matter. Took many hours of work and effort.

Do not understand why all these %20 appear when copying and pasting or writing directly into this thread not all of the entire web site link is picked up. I do lack the s at the end of http for my sight since when they changed this for more secure web site reasons it would take me a lot of time to change over 140 pages of my web site, something I have not found spare time to do. Since my web site does not involve personal information like going on line to do your banking, or the viewer having to input credit card or other personal information I decided to pass on updating every page for the time being.

04-29-2019, 05:30 PM
Do not understand why all these %20 appear
If the url has a space in it, your browser will render it as %20. 20 is the hex code for space.