View Full Version : New to Artrage, playing with stencils

04-17-2019, 02:20 AM
Hi everyone, I started using Artrage this week and I am finding it a lot of fun. I paint abstracts in acrylic and mixed media and decided to create a stencil from a greyscale image of one of my paintings. I have brought it into an Artrage painting and used it at various scales on differerent layers. Please excuse the messy result but I was having too much fun to care!

D Akey
04-17-2019, 03:31 AM
Messy result? Looks cool to me. I like the varied marks. Looks like a really fun ride in doing it and very nice to look at. Nicely innovative. Well done and welcome!

04-17-2019, 04:00 AM
Many thanks. I am really enjoying Artrage. It is such a good program for the price. I tried out demos of a couple of much more expensive programs and didn't like them as much as Artrage!

04-18-2019, 12:12 AM
Looks great!!

04-18-2019, 04:21 AM
Thanks TMUCW, I can see there's a lot of fun to be had with stencils. :)

04-18-2019, 04:49 AM
Good work and i am also happy with ARTRAGE i think is very easy to work and have many tools like others softwares.
very well done;)

04-18-2019, 09:30 PM
Thanks Sabena!