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09-28-2018, 06:58 AM
Hello. I wanna ask this someone last mounth because i can find answer and now i post. First time doing this, now i m cool. :cool: Question is- How to change background if is it white or wathewer on transparent BUT i try canvas settings and opacity and that change just before painting , when i save (png, jpg or gift) again is white. I must changing in photoshop and i dont like that. Can someone help me pleeease. :D Does anyone here???? :D

09-28-2018, 08:15 AM
Go to "Edit/filters/remove color matte

09-28-2018, 12:21 PM
If your canvas opacity is set to 0%, if you export your painting as a PNG, then any areas which don't have paint on them will be transparent in the resulting image.

If you export as a JPG or other format this will not work as these formats don't support transparency.

If you have filled or painted over the canvas with another colour then the resulting image will also not have a transparent background.

If you find you're still having problems, please feel free to email me directly at [email protected] and let me know which version of ArtRage you're using and attach an example PNG you've exported. I'll be happy to help directly.

09-28-2018, 06:58 PM
Still nothiing but thanks. I send email.