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09-24-2018, 08:50 PM
My Art Rage version is 5.0.3.
I work with an iMac, version 10.7 and Wacom stylus. With watercolor brushes and knifes tools.
I have started creating a personal toolbox just to work in watercolors mode. I selected a watercolor paper for the background.
I paint with the basic watercolor brushes and blending them with the Palettes Knifes.
During these processes I increased and decreased the size of the brushes using the "shift" + drag right or left.
If someone needs to see what type of brushes I used, I can send you a screenshot of my Toolbox. I hope these explanations are useful.

09-25-2018, 01:32 AM
Sí, por favor Horacio! Admiro tu trabajo con acuarela. Últimamente he estado practicando con los pinceles de acuarela y me encantaría ver cómo obtienes resultados tan hermosos.
Traductor de Google :D

Yes please Horacio! I admire your work with watercolour. Lately I have been practising with the watercolour brushes and would love to see how you get such lovely results.