View Full Version : 19th August 2018, Sorry to spam you again, earthquake warning for Italy, New Zealand

08-20-2018, 01:19 AM
Sorry to spam you again, heavy earthquake warning especially for Italy
and New Zealand (well, actually for the whole planet).

But I know here are several Italian people in the forum and the AR-team.

There were a deep earthquakes of magnitude 5 near the coast of Italy
and mag 8 north of New Zealand some hours ago. This will most likely
lead to a shallow earthquake of mag 6.xx in (update: prolly mag 5.6)
central Italy in the next hours or days and who knows what in New
Zealand. But it can hit other areas of Italy too! If you lieve there, be
prepared too!

Be really prepared for an earthquake which will cause HEAVY damage!

This is serious!

And to NZ:
And I should not forget the ArtRAge-team in New Zealand, as there was
a deep earthquake of mag 8 (!) north of it, which can lead to a 9.3 mag
shallow earthquake in that area. Which would be the most heavy earthquake
ever. This deep earthquake will cause events on the whole ring of fire in the
next 7 to 10 days! This includes the west coast of the whole american continent - north
and south. There is the potential for a megaquake. ATM there is a
planetwide earthquake warning for this time range.

The vulcanic activities on Hawaii made me curious and I followed the development.
Even the top of Kilauea vulcano started to steam again after the mag 8 deep
earthquake north of NZ. What an amount of force over such a distance!!!
Due this I stumbled on a YouTube channel of a guy with the nick Dutchsinse
who is doing earthquake forecasting.
I am following his channel now for some month and damn, he forcasted a real lot
right - like the Indonesian ones some days ago and even the heavy blast of Fuego
vulcano. And Indonesia will get some more in the next days too.
His earthquake forecast is as least as accurate as the weather forecast. ;-)

If you are living in an earthquake area, do yourself a favor and watch at least his
weekly forcasts at sunday night on YouTube or Twitch and pack a backpack with
emergency stuff like clothes, shoes, flashlight, extra car keys, first aid kit, radio,
energy bars, water, toiletries, etc. for the first day after an emergency.

Luckily I am not living in an earthquake area, but many of you are. Be prepared!

08-25-2018, 04:27 AM
After the earthquake events of the last days, please watch the earthquake updates!

There was a deep earthquake in South America which can lead to very large earthquakes
up to mag 8.3.

Be prepared! Watch Dutchsinse earthquake forcasts and current status updates
on YouTube or Twitch. And the live streams.

I can not post every event here.

ATM he does status reports every several hours.