View Full Version : Distance Fire

08-09-2018, 08:18 AM
just some stencil work;)

08-10-2018, 12:48 PM
Beautiful African scenery-just hope the animals make it far away from the fire beyond!

D Akey
08-11-2018, 06:08 AM
Considering the fires here in California again, the wildlife does suffer a great deal. I don't know about fires in Africa, but if they have some raging I know the poor animals have yet another challenge to survival, as if poachers were not enough to drive them to extinction.

08-12-2018, 04:05 AM
Great job Rondo, definitely has an African fiery feel to it....
Neat-o ideal with stencils. : )

08-12-2018, 05:40 AM
thanks everyone for the comments;)