View Full Version : Where has the 2048x2048 canvas size option gone?

07-11-2018, 08:44 PM
I can no longer see this option when I set up a new canvas.

07-12-2018, 10:30 AM
Hi there!

If you are creating a new painting, and tapping the arrow to the right of the size to bring up a list of available presets, we don't by default have a 2048 x 2048 preset. It's possible that you previously added one, and if the app was uninstalled at any point it may have been removed, but I'm not sure why else that would've happened. Here's how to create a painting at 2048 x 2048:

Go to the 'New Painting' Screen
Next to 'size', tap the numbers and enter 2048 x 2048 then tap 'OK'

You can just tap 'OK' now at the top of the screen to start painting.

Alternatively, after setting the size to 2048 x 2048

This sets the size of your new painting to 2048 x 2048, you can also add a size preset to the list.

Tap the arrow to the right of the current size to open the list of size presets.

Tap the + button to add a new preset, give it a name, then press the enter key on your onscreen keyboard to confirm.

A 2048 x 2048 size preset with the name you chose will have been added to the list.

Note: We're looking into a problem currently with adding size presets on Android 8 and will be releasing an update to address this. In the meantime, if you are using Android 8, you can manually create a new painting at 2048 x 2048 via the first part of my instructions above.