View Full Version : Sea Shore

07-01-2018, 03:33 AM
It is steaming hot all over so just wanted too cool everyone off a bit lol, done in WC

07-02-2018, 04:47 AM
Hi. Pat yes takes me back. Many years when young and fit and down the beach for a swim Thanks CIAO SLAINTE

07-02-2018, 07:21 AM
Ah I can feel and sea breezes, a nice work Pat, so fun so see the work pouring out... as out friend D Akey says " Go Pat Go!!"

D Akey
07-03-2018, 03:53 AM
Very fresh!

I like the way you're keeping your colors light and clean. Saturation levels is very nice in the pastel range. Plenty rich but not too self conscious. Feels like a very mellow and refreshing place, where the rough edges get smoothed out.

Sort of works on us like those occasional shards of glass one comes across, but smoothed and rounded where it can be picked up and examined with no fear of cuts, but the color stands out. If pebbles and sand were people, these colored glass bits would be the artists in the group.

07-03-2018, 10:40 AM
Thank you , very nice compliments from all you dear gentlemen, always appreciate your kind comments