View Full Version : Flower embossed

06-29-2018, 04:33 AM
still some stencil work with some effects to it.

D Akey
06-29-2018, 06:04 AM
Interesting combination of effects - flat vs dimensional, stained glass vs paint. Might want to try going one way or the other, just as an exercise in grabbing your controls to get the effect you want. I mean it's always good to experiment. But then when we see what happens we move ahead with the parts that work and use that as a starter. Nice exploration you've been doing for a while now.

06-29-2018, 07:02 AM
it's indeed always good to try things out;) sometimes with very nice and sometimes even unexpected results. But i'm not a person that goes a long way the same pad, always trying to find something new even if I don't look for it.Thanks for your comments, they are of value .