View Full Version : Suggestion on Guides when using keyboard

06-16-2018, 03:47 PM
Hello, working on something right now, I have a suggestion.

I have a guide down the center of my image for convenience when I need it. But right now I'm just trying to move a layer into place, and if it gets too near the guide, it snaps too it. This is of course what the guides are known for, but when using the keyboard arrows to 'tap' the image a few pixels to where I want, I don't want the snap. If possible, I'd like it so that the snapping only happens when you're dragging the layer with a mouse or tablet pen. The arrow keys, if possible to differentiate between them, aught not incur the guide snap.

Just a thought!

And if there's already a setting related to that which I'm not aware of, please correct me! Thanks, great software!