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06-05-2018, 01:20 AM
One thing I wonder how would you categorize my style of painting. folk art, impressionist ,realism,etc.? Here is a selection of my art.95299

D Akey
06-05-2018, 05:47 AM
Very difficult to categorize under a heading that exists because it doesn't conform to those styles.

But you may want to invent a new category that identifies your work more precisely. It's been done before. Some categories are like offshoots from a major category but because they don't exactly fit, but they both want to lend the name recognition of a known category, they add a word to show that isn't wholly within the traditional group. So there you get to make up an additional word (these are not yours but merely examples of how it's done): Post-Impressionism, Hyper-Realism, SurRealism, Abstract-Expressionism to name the better known ones that actually became main categories. But the marketing people invent category names all the time so long as it looks and sounds good on the invitations. It lends a sense of belonging to a larger, well established category but you know artists and their tendency toward innovation.

So Just pick something you personally identify with, give it a hypen and another descriptor and run it up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes. Much will depend on you, the artist and your moxie.

I think one of the words would be "Folk" which has always been grass roots painting what is in your world. But one thing that Folk Art does that you don't is that much of it is intended to be decorative and designed (though not always). Maybe "Folk-Journalism". That would make you a Folk-Journalist.

But that's just a thought. Invent something that rings your bell and that has a bit of a hooky quality.

Have fun with it. I don't see your work fitting with an existing category but lots of people who just like to paint their world in a casual but sincere way float around that vibe, so you have lots of company.

Whatever you decide on, keep painting and evolving and who knows, you may find your voice clarifying where you know exactly what it's about. Then naming it should be a snap. Have fun!

Oh, a last thought -- look at David Hockney for a big name who might be in your universe. I don't know what his work is called if anything as a category.

08-23-2018, 03:44 PM
Nice work. I would consider it Impressionistic. The family picture is very powerful, and says volumes.