View Full Version : Make Your Own Canvas Pattern from Almost Any Pic - A Follow Up Example

D Akey
05-10-2018, 05:34 PM
I don't know if I was making myself clear (in a discussion) about what you can do in this program regarding texturing the canvas, so that it's not just the standard weave. But this is a feature that blew my mind when I first discovered it in ArtRage 2 or something. Any image can become a texture. BW is best. Contrast works well. I haven't done a lot with painting in years so I have not really explored this feature. So for what it's worth. . .

I'm attaching a couple versions of the same pattern -- one with and one without weave tooth. So you can see whatever you do will work. Just grab the two images as canvases and mess around. May interest you. May not. But at least this way I got some answers for myself and was thrilled it was not only retained in the later versions of AR but made easy.

Oh, and you can fade the canvas or lose it altogether in process. I'm pretty sure you can even swap canvases in mid-painting. I did so when I was goofing around but couldn't tell you how. But it's doable.

Late thought here: I just tried it on my Kindle Fire and I couldn't see how to import a canvas. There probably is a way to put it into the library or something but I am new to AR on Kindle Fire so I couldn't say how, or perhaps there isn't a way IDK. Anyway, I know it works pretty easily on a desktop version and that's about all I know. Good luck and have fun!

05-10-2018, 10:10 PM
Well I'll be darned! I did not know that! Thanks, D Akey.

That could really spice things up when painting impressionistic paintings. I can see how the pattern that was created above used the symmetry feature. I might also consider creating an image that has the pattern acting like a vignette. This way the edges have more grain and the focal point where the detail resides would be smoother.

Thanks for posting this! I will give it a try.