View Full Version : irregular selections

05-08-2018, 03:42 AM
How can one create a selection of an irregular shape consisting mainly of straight lines.?

05-08-2018, 03:28 PM
There are a few ways to do this, depending on exactly what you want, what image you are working with, and what version of ArtRage you are using.

1) Selection tool.

The Selection tool offers freehand and 'straight line' (Polygon) selection modes in ArtRage 5. You can pick the Polygon mode from the Settings and connect the straight lines together to make your selection.

2) Stencil

Draw your irregular shape and add it as a stencil in the desktop program. You will then be able to paint inside it, invert it, move it around, reuse it.

3) Paint Selection

Draw your irregular shape and use one of the following to select the *area of paint*: Magic Wand mode for the selection tool, Lock Transparency on the layer, Edit > Select Layer Contents.