View Full Version : Added Custom Brush Functionality

05-04-2018, 08:35 AM
Hi just a few little requests for the custom brush:

1. Random Start Position for Grain toggle

This enables (or disables) each stroke starting at a random position within the internal repeated grain texture (rather than always centered of the texture). Further motion of the grain (progression) would work normally.

2. Random Start Angle (rotation) for Grain toggle

This enables (or disables) a starting rotation offset for the grain which is random, i.e. whether or not the grain is set to follow the brush head, it just starts off at the random angle and proceeds normally.

3. Selectable interaction between pressure and opacity/application for the grain

Currently the grain is just multiplied at 100 applicability at all pressures.

Grain could (default) go from 0 to 100 opacity at two possible (min grain pressure and max grain pressure) pressures, say 20% and 80%. This would allow light stroke (<20) to show no grain, and the opacity of grain to get strong between 20 and 80, after which it stays at 100% application. Even more interestingly, an invert toggle could also be included so that the min grain pressure setting would correspond to the 100% application of grain and the max grain pressure setting would correspond to 0% of grain application.

This suggestion would include 2 sliders and one toggle.


05-04-2018, 06:42 PM
+ pick up color from underlying layers, mama needs that blender tool!!!