View Full Version : My first post... a tree :)

05-03-2018, 12:26 AM
Just a doodle trying out the watercolour brushes, this was done in 4 about year ago, maybe 2 years! but I've just upgraded to 5 and wanting to do more painting .. hope the image shows..



05-03-2018, 06:15 AM
That is a very nice "abstract" watercolor painting! Nice work. You have a great command of colors. Keep them coming!

05-03-2018, 06:25 AM
Wonderful painting very well done:rolleyes:

D Akey
05-03-2018, 08:47 AM
I love your use of the tools and the style you've brought to them. Very delicate with quick, direct marks. Clever how you appear to have "chiseled" or masked back after some initial quick marks. Reminds me a bit in feel of some beautiful Asian ideas, whether intended or not. I really like it.

So you joined in 2008 and this was your first post. Welcome. :)

05-06-2018, 07:10 AM
I really like this, it gives me a feeling of calmness