View Full Version : Graduated colour wash

04-25-2018, 08:13 PM
How do I do a graduated colour wash in Artrage
on my iPad?

04-26-2018, 01:26 PM
Are you trying to use the Watercolors or just anything that will give you a background gradient?

If you do not care what tool you use, the oil brush or the paint roller are probably the easiest. Lay down stripes of colour, darkest at the top and lightest at the bottom. Then switch to the pallette knife (flat mode) and blend all the edges of the colour together until it is a smooth gradient.

If you want a very very smooth digital looking gradient, use the airbrush.

If you specifically want to use the watercolours, then you should change the Thinners setting. Turn Paper Wet on, and use high thinners at the top of the page and low thinners at the bottom. You can blend using the brush itself, or the "wet" mode of the pallette knife.

I recommend having a look at this tutorial for help with the brush settings: https://www.artrage.com/artrage-watercolors-tutorial-randel-washburne/

If you need more specific tips, let us know exactly what you're trying to do.