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04-18-2018, 06:32 AM
Hello all

I have just purchased an iPad Pro 12.9 inch plus Apple Pencil. I have my favorite painting app Artrage for iPad (among others like Procreate, Inspire Pro & Autodesk SketchBook).

I have been using Artrage for iPad since iPad Air and on iPad 3 before. Never had a screen protector. I had Wacom Bamboo Fineline active stylus with iPad Air.

Since I was not satisfied with the precision of styli on regular iPad I now went in for this iPad Pro + Apple Pencil.

I find this iPad Pro 12.9 inch somewhat flimsier than the 9.7 inch iPad Air which had a thicker body. But the 12.9 inch iPad Pro is thinner than this iPad Air - even though much larger in size.

I thought why not a tempered glass screen protector? I Googled on this but found varied opinions - positive & negative.

But I would like to know specifically that with Artrage for iPad, would a tempered glass screen protector would hamper/hinder Apple Pencil's sensitivity. Or is this kind of protector not necessary? I am also keen on not damaging the special coating this iPad Pro has. What is the opinion on this with Artrage for iPad users on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil?

Thanks in advance

04-19-2018, 10:54 PM
Hello all

I have today had a tempered glass which is about 0.3mm thick (unbranded Chinese make), same glossiness as the iPad screen (not a matte finish), which was available with my local vendor, installed. It cost me about 18 US dollars equivalent (1250 Rupees - INR). Was fitted flawlessly, and i sketched for about an hour with Artrage. Apple Pencil worked as good as it was when there was no protector. Pressure sensitivity did not suffer. Late for another 2 hours I sketched / painted in Procreate/Autodesk SketchBook etc. with excellent results. Looks of the screen too did not suffer in any way, looked at from any angle.

So this post/thread may be treated as closed.

Best regards

04-24-2018, 04:02 PM
Unfortunately I haven't used one of these protectors myself, but I'm glad to hear this is working well for you, thanks for letting us know! :)