View Full Version : Portrait of a girl, learning oils again

03-25-2018, 04:25 PM
Yet another attempt to improve my oil technique in ArtRage.
Though I used airbrush for some color correction and pencil for small details on 99% it was all about oil brush and knife.

Also I was too lazy to make a sketch this time, so I just traced original image, sometimes you just don`t want to think about proportions and composition, or figure out on final stage that you mess the whole painting with bad sketch
Oils were very unpredictable thing for me in the past and lack of control annoyed me. But now I`ve got more intuitive feeling about it and this time drawing was much pleasant to draw it

If you are interested in process, you can find video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKiY4hpyeIU

D Akey
03-26-2018, 04:47 AM
Pretty girl. You retained the beauty side of it all which is often the trick. Effective use of the tools. Good one!

I have no qualms resurfacing a photo. I saw people doing it as illustrators most effectively incorporating photography with painting thereby creating a new surreal or fantasy image that had photographic qualities. It's a very useful approach to visit one end of the spectrum, wherein you can keep with that method, or as I assume from what you said, you can relax it away from the photo slowly until you find the painterly place that suits you most.

Some people keep it photographic. All a matter of what the artist wants. In art school we had assignments where we copied photos in great detail and I think it was important. The instructors showed mid-century artists who made fame and fortune from doing just that. I always enjoyed those paintings. And who doesn't love a good technical job.

03-26-2018, 06:18 AM
A very good painting!!!