View Full Version : Running from the city

02-11-2018, 02:42 PM
My interpretation of a image i seen on the web.

D Akey
02-11-2018, 03:46 PM
Intriguing, Rondo. Makes me think this is going to animate. You certainly have been making some interesting images for some time now. Careful or people will start calling you Rondo the Artist with the Creative Bug. I remember when you sounded like you only did it in a careless way. I suspect you care now. You're looking good, my friend.

02-11-2018, 05:01 PM
thx for the comments dear D Akey,although my creativity has taking a nosedive due to my illness i'm still thinking how to do certain thing in artrage that i have not tried yet ;).BTW, being name called like that? i don't mind . There is a moment in life you start to think more then ones before you do things,that include also all forms of art or expressions in different forms.