View Full Version : Color picking: idea to speed up process

02-03-2018, 05:11 PM

After using the PC version of ArtRage for years I've been recently practicing on its IOS version.
I noticed that my work flow was much slower and I was losing the spontaneity of my painting process and I didn't know why, until I realized it was due to color picking.
On its desktop version I use the keyboard to quickly pick colors as I paint. I do it often and very fast.
But on IOS, as you know, we can color pick either by manually switching tools back and forth (brush-color pick-brush), or by tapping and waiting.

My suggestion is to alter the way the color pick tool in the tool bar works: it would be better if it deactivated immediately after pressure release or tapping with the pen, switching back to the previous tool (in most cases a brush). For this reason it would be better for it to be the first tool on top of the bar, rather than then second, to be easily accessible.

Alternatively the color pick tool could be a standalone button users can position according to their needs.

I hope you find this suggestions useful. It certainly would be to me.

02-10-2018, 12:11 PM
Clever idea. I teach ipad, and often find students forget they're using the dropper and begin to paint, so it picks another colour. That would be good if it were possible.