View Full Version : Little Welsh Dragons

01-03-2018, 11:56 PM
It's been a while since I posted anything here I'm afraid.
Anyhow, here are a few new pieces from the Dragons of Wales Project ( www.dragonsofwales.com (http://www.dragonsofwales.com) )
Painted in Artrage, with the backrgounds being a composite of photograph and painting.
I hope you like 'em.

Chad Weatherford
01-06-2018, 07:52 PM
Ooh love these concepts! Great execution with the depth of field. My favourite is the second dragon down from the top.

01-07-2018, 01:30 AM
What a lovely, quirky idea - I love the third one - looks so soft and cuddly. And so well executed!

D Akey
01-08-2018, 05:24 AM
The David Attenborough of Dragons. Very cool.

01-08-2018, 12:31 PM
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... now you got me thinking... I love these .

01-08-2018, 03:03 PM
Totally brilliant :D

01-08-2018, 07:55 PM
Great work!