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12-29-2017, 09:11 AM
Artrage 5 and the iOS version BOTH NEED AUTOSAVE! Procreate, Sketchbook pro, and Adobe ALL HAVE AUTO-Save or Save prompts. I accidentally lost a few hours work today when I only remembered to export my painting as a jpeg and forgot to save the .ptg file. This happens a lot.... I use a mac so I guess I could try to get in the habit of using the keyboard quit command that asks to save first... but I never remember. Luckily I do have a saved file from earlier today, and I DO have the jpg image.... I might have to import the jpeg as a new layer and erase around the areas that I had changed... And then merge them... but this should be easier. There should at least be a way to turn on a prompt to save the file when you quit. Both, on iPad and computer. I love the look of paint in art rage... very traditional looking without the hassle and mess of pulling out a paint palette and cleaning up after.... but no autosave or prompts make me want to quit using it sometimes!

IF there is a way to do this already... that I have not found, please tell me how. Thanks.

(double posting this in the iOS section and Desktop)

12-29-2017, 10:07 AM
luckily I had saved the painting as a jpg.... I saved an older version of the painting a few hours before I quit without saving... so I was able to save it as a .psd file... import it to Corel Painter, and use the clone tool to clone the parts of the newer .jpeg that I had saved into a new layer... then I saved it as a .psd and imported it back into artrage 5... and I merged the two layers and saved as it back into a .ptg file :) Took like... three minutes. Thank goodness I saved the image as a jpeg a few minutes before quitting. Here's my almost finished painting :) I still need to fix her right hand and probably lighten her knee a bit so it doesn't recede into the bg :)