View Full Version : Ivan Moody (caricature)singer in 5 Finger death punch.

12-08-2017, 08:37 PM
94394 The are some things I can improve. Wanted to share anyway. I have been drawing for a long time.. No inspiration at all. But I feel it's coming back now. And that feels good.94395 A picture of I can Moody

12-12-2017, 04:36 AM
Hi Danny yes looking good last I heard from you were going north nearer the Pole
so your home now ok regards to your family and a Happy Christmas

12-12-2017, 10:03 AM
Happy Christmas Mr 80+ . :-)

D Akey
12-13-2017, 12:18 PM
I really like this one especially because it looks like you've freed yourself from copying a photograph. You really found the essence in your caricature, yet you have learned a lot of technique for a fine finish from all the time and care you spent copying and translating the photos into your modifications. Very big gain in skill shown here. Congratulations! You're in "the zone" (meaning you're in that great place where things are all working).

12-13-2017, 10:51 PM
Thank you D Akey. The drawing is not really finish yet. The final coming soon. I know the things that still aren't that good and unfinished. I don't just copy an photo. But sure,with this one i just draw him like I think he looks like. So you have definitely a point there.