View Full Version : Marigolds and Butterfly

12-03-2017, 06:54 PM
Haven't painted for a while as I've been holidaying in Europe. :) Mainly airbrush and ink pen


12-04-2017, 03:26 AM
Hi June yes realy great very delicate if Italy did U pop in and see Ceasar :D

12-04-2017, 06:38 AM
Thanks, Mr Ploos, well I was nearby - Croatia. This time it was me who lost the passports! Stolen out of my backpack while in Zadar. The airline wouldn't accept photo copies of the passports as before so we had to go to the Aussie embassy in Zagreb to have two emergency passports made up which meant missing our flight and spending an extra day in Croatia. Because Frank had lost his two years ago they were understandably suspicious (probably thought he was doing a trade in stolen passports;)) and it entailed more questions and forms to fill out. Still, we got to see the beautiful city of Zagreb which had not been on our itinerary.

The family don't think we should be let out of Oz on our own. I think they are angling for a free trip as our carers!:rolleyes:

D Akey
12-05-2017, 07:20 AM
Travel and inspiration -- a good combination and one with which you're certainly familiar. Very nice painting. Hope your trip was fun. Can't see how it could be otherwise.