View Full Version : Please an option to disable flashing info boxes (zoom level and touch..etc)

10-24-2017, 12:28 PM
First off, thanks for the recent iOS 11 updates!
Second, As the title suggests,
The flashing text boxes get annoying and really feel a little bit unprofessional
I think most users don't really care if the zoom level is 193% or 71% , the flashing text that keeps changing is unnecessary.
Can we have a simple option in the settings to disable it please?
Same with the text box that keeps saying "Touch projection is ON" , I think it's also unnecessary and keeps flashing even that most users who disable touch input know what they're doing, and don't need to keep seeing this message
especially that it appears wrongly sometimes just when zooming/rotating the canvas.
I suggest a preference option to enable/disable those text boxes.

Many Thanks

11-09-2017, 01:24 AM
I don't agree with this opinion about zoom info - it is obvious that I want to know what is actual format of my work (100%). But idea of "simple option in the settings to disable it" is good, because ArtRage shoud be more intuitive.
I agree with opinion about text box that keeps saying "Touch projection is ON" - it is really annoying and slows down my work. I could't work with this flashing information and I turned off Reject Touch Imput in stylus preferences, but now my fingers makes undesirable marks..

12-26-2017, 12:01 AM
bofel , yes it should be optional for sure, there should be an option in the preferences to turn that flashing annoying info off. "Touch projection is ON" is very annoying, as well as the zoom percentage info, There must be an option to turn that stuff off. I also find it annoying that the text of that info is really large, even on a large iPad Pro that info text feels just too big! with that black background also- Just takes you away from the painting experience.
ArtRage please consider an option to disable that info in the settings.
And Merry Christmas Y'all!