View Full Version : Red Panda

09-10-2017, 01:54 AM
It's the first time I have recorded the painting process in AR.


09-10-2017, 02:20 PM
Aww, so cute and adorable. Great work. Made me smile. :)

D Akey
09-11-2017, 11:46 AM
I don't think you're having much trouble with the fur. Works for me.

I like how in the markings where the light fur meets the dark that you feathered it (smeared it in streaks a bit) indicating fur where it would noticeably show the texture. You may want to think about dragging a few small wisps along the perimeter of the outer silhouette where it meets the background --- strategically and just a little to break up the solid shape like the wind ruffled a bit where a natural roll of skin might be. Or you can perhaps just soften the focus a little to let it move a wee bit.

But this is another fine piece. You definitely have the little fella's vitality and cuteness. Also I love the claws. Works great how you have it fading in without pulling the eye there overmuch. Good choice making.

09-11-2017, 06:40 PM
You are right DA (again) I overlooked finishing the outline of the fur - touched up another couple of places too! :)