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04-26-2007, 11:12 AM
This is my first try with Artrage.. I did use the trace option for outline.. Not a good freehand artist at all.. I would like to hear comments on this..

04-26-2007, 12:04 PM
Yowza, that's stunning! The detail in the wood texture is stunning.
Brilliant paper texture you have for it as well. Where did you get it?

04-26-2007, 12:23 PM
Andy, the outline was traced from a booklet named Pencil Drawing by Gene Franks.. Thanks for the comments,

D Akey
04-26-2007, 12:45 PM
Very nice drawing!

I'm on the fence with the font you picked. It's a nice idea, but it outweighs any of your marks, as if it were done with a completely different tool than you used to make the image. It loses authenticity that way.

Why not hand make your signature, turn it into an importable line art on an alpha channel, so it looks like ink on whatever paper you use. The nice thing about doing it that way is that you can do a bunch of signatures and pick the best, you can reduce it in size to fit and try out placement. This trial and error won't be so much of a problem after you do it a few times and know what you're after.

But you did nice drawing. Good line. Looks like an etching.

04-26-2007, 01:21 PM
D, you are correct, the sig was done in photoshop.. I really like your idea of the sig, but not sure I am following the how too.. Could you run that by me in a form I could grasp.. What software do I use for the sig, and I'm really kind of lost when you speak of an Alpha Channel..
Thanks for the tip, and I look forward to hearing from you again

D Akey
04-26-2007, 02:58 PM
I'm rushing so it may not be all here. I don't have time to try it to make sure I'm telling it right.

but here goes:

It may even be doable entirely in ArtRage. (Can we scale layers?)

Do your sig in Artrage on a layer. Save it. If you can delete all layers so that the signature is floating, and if you can resize it on the fly, you're there and don't need PS.)


If you open it in PS you can then git rid of any unwanted layers to where all you have is the signature against a clear BG (a vignette/alpha channel usually means a transparent area around the image like an animation cell.)

Then save it in a form that you can keep that transparency (.psd, .png, and I think a .tiff)

And whichever program allows you to scale the signature easily to your liking, do it there. Move it around, scale, all that. Just remember to avoid making the size of the signature larger, as it will degrade the quality.

Collapse the work with you sized signature on it. Save it. Or just save it as a layered file. That's up to you. But then you have a signed drawing or whatever.

But remember to keep versions just of your signature in a layered file. And use it like a notary uses a seal.

Hope I got the process right.

Good luck.

04-27-2007, 09:27 AM
Thanks for the info.. It worked fine, and looks much better..