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09-08-2017, 06:49 AM
Hello dear community :)
As I keep experiencing ArtRage 5 and start to grasp how much this software (so simple in apparence) has to offer, I found the right-click that leads to "Add to Toolbox" :D
Sound amazing to put all my favorites all together! :D But where's the Toolbox? How do I open it?

I found the page in the guide talking about this (https://www.artrage.com/manuals/getting-started-artrage/artrage-manuals/artrage-4/toolbox-and-workbench/) but in there, the text makes me feel like "it should be right there", but it's not @[email protected]
I feel like asking a no-brainer question @[email protected] Where is Toolbox? How do I open it!? @[email protected]
And as I read that manual page, workbench seems amazingly handy too, but I can't find it either!? @[email protected]

A little help!?

09-08-2017, 08:16 AM
Hello DemieLune,
It’s a secret:p But if you promise not to tell…

To open the Toolbox panel go to View > Toolbox Panel and it’ll pop right up! And yes it is really handy for keeping stuff in!
You can also save Toolboxes for use in other paintings.
If you want to you can set a key command to open it by going to; Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts. The section you want there is Toolbox & Workbench Commands.

The Workbench mode shown on the page that you linked to is from ArtRage 4.5.
In AR5 it was changed to Docking Mode. For a bit more info, see the Quick Start guide to AR5 here: https://www.artrage.com/manuals/getting-started-artrage/artrage-5-quick-start-guide/

09-08-2017, 09:02 AM
Ha! Dah!
I knew it was a no-brainer! >_<
I feel blind sometimes :P

Thank you so much!! :rolleyes:
Thank you for your link, it's on my reading list ;)