View Full Version : Color mixing

06-08-2017, 07:18 AM
In ArtRage for windows yellow mixed with blue produces green as expected
In ArtRage for Android yellow mixed with blue produces a grey

Why? Can Android ArtRage be set to mix colors like paint?

06-08-2017, 07:40 AM
Hello mjerryfuerst,
I don’t think that any of the mobile additions of AR like the Android version have “Real Colour Blending”:(
It’s a feature only found in the full desktop versions.

06-08-2017, 09:05 AM
I'm afraid markw is correct. The realistic blending uses a lot more memory, and mobile devices are generally very low on extra memory, so that feature isn't available in the apps.

06-09-2017, 05:06 PM
Maybe if I use my stylus with my left, rather than with my right hand, the colors will mix as I prefer