View Full Version : Android version on a Chromebook - stylus issue?

05-23-2017, 10:53 AM
I love this app. My stylus registers true in other drawing apps and in Artrage when I pick tool menu items. Inside the drawing, the ink/paint appears abot 10 pixels north of the tip of my stylus?

Ideas? Suggestions?

05-23-2017, 04:31 PM
We're working on some fixes for the Chromebook; we're bringing out a new update soon that should help with some of the offset problems (but not everything, we're still working on the other issues).

In the meantime, you should mostly be able to avoid the offset by never resizing the app window.

05-23-2017, 11:43 PM

Should I remove and reinstall the app? Does that include zooming in-out? What about minimizing and resuming?

Glad you're working on a fix, understanding the Android platform is probably not your highest priority.

Thanks for the response.

09-03-2017, 10:59 AM
No resolution?

09-04-2017, 12:31 PM
I think I missed your first response, sorry! We do actually have a programmer just for Android, but they're working on a great many things at once and the Chromebook thing has been tricky to nail down. Each update we make adds a bit more support for the device, so always update to the latest version and it should get better each time. Uninstalling the app won't make a difference, and zooming inside the app should be fine - the main issue is just the window area itself being resized.

09-07-2017, 05:05 AM
Thanks, for the info and efforts to correct this issue.

09-13-2017, 04:26 PM
thank support

09-19-2017, 01:12 AM
Looks like it's fixed. Installed newest versions of ArtRage and Google Chrome. Bingo.

Thanks to all.