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04-04-2017, 08:45 PM
Anyone know of any basic getting started digital painting tutorials on the net? There seems to be some nice DVD training from Gnomon but I'm not to the point to where I want to get that in depth yet, just getting started.

04-05-2017, 04:37 AM
Hello tuanhuy1102 and welcome to the ArtRage forums:)
There’s a pretty comprehensive list of ArtRage tutorials for all levels here: https://www.artrage.com/tutorials/
And of course you can always search “ArtRage tutorials” on YouTube for more.
Like any craft, learning digital painting will take time and practice. But don’t forget the traditional basics as well; Form, Composition, Light & Shadows, Perspective, etc… these are just as important in digital art as in traditional.
And above all have fun, lots of it, on your journey!:cool:

04-05-2017, 10:39 PM
There's loads of great resources out there - mainly they are photoshop or painter based (about 90% photoshop), but almost everything is transferable knowledge between the kit they are using and most other software. Especially now ArtRage has the custom brushes, watching a couple of the ArtRage tutorials first should allow you to follow along with the other tutorials with decent understanding of what is going on. Weirdly now, especially due to ArtRage, I'm chasing down traditional art tutorials with a view to replicating them digitally.

The folks on the Polycount (game art) forums compiled a great wiki article on the best tutorials available via gumroad. A word in advance about these is that a lot of the time the production value of the tutorials is really low (certainly incomparable to the likes of Gnomon or Digital Tutors, etc). This is because they are tutorials made by professionals in their spare time to give back to the community. The production values may not be the best, but the information contained is often superb. I'll link the wiki, and then a couple of them I think will benefit you greatly as you get started :)

You'll find lots of great stuff in the concept art section of the wiki, but there's great stuff in pretty much all of it so it is worth having a look from time to time when you want to learn something new. The prices on Gumroad are usually pay what you want, but some things have starting prices. In my honest opinion, the folks that do charge for their content are pretty much under-charging 90% of the time. I've bought loads of the tutorials I've found from that wiki, and learned a hell of a lot from the tutorials themselves. I love that it isn't paying a middle man to get to the content - you are getting great tips and advice from working professionals and paying them directly.


Cam Sykes - He has a great getting started in digital painting guide that is Pay What You Want (starting at free)

Kalen Chock - Lots of tutorials on here covering art theory and concept art using digital tools

Dan Luvisi - Cool short tutorials on painting specific things like skin, clothing, etc (mainly focused on the textural quality of these things)

There's also a lot of great stuff on YouTube. I'd definitely recommend following the link MarkW provided and learning about ArtRage first if it is going to be your first tool in digital art so you can familiarise yourself with the tools and concepts first before moving on to learning from other tutorials. I'd suggest the Cam Sykes tutorial as your next step.

Good luck :)

04-06-2017, 12:06 AM
This has ben suggested in the past. I have found it quite useful.

It's quite comprehensive, organized, and has good production value.


Pavig Lok
04-06-2017, 05:07 AM
Not digital, but worth looking at http://www.drawmixpaint.com
Artrage has enough fidelity to traditional tools that you can learn a lot by studying traditional media. :)

04-07-2017, 11:03 AM
This video posted today can be interpreted into ArtRage too. I'm not sure if we can do the process of scraping off excess paint like he does but we should be able to do this pretty closely.