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02-21-2017, 10:24 PM
Congrats on the great job! V5 is awesome. It has becoming my go to drawing program. My hardware are Cintiq 22HD, Galaxy Pro 12, Samsung Series 7 Slate. As much as I love Cintiq, but I aslo like to draw while kicking back on a couch with a tablet. Series 7 slate (shown below) resolution is pretty low, the size of UI and docks are eating up the screen real estates. I would love to see a tablet mode with smaller UI, kind of like workbench mode in V4 and all inputs can be done with sliders. So keyboard isn't essential in the tablet mode.

I know brush size can be changed by dragging on the percentage, but it can't pass 100% which is needed for 300dpi drawing. It would be nice to have a slider that would allow pass 100% mark.

Artrage 5 can overtake Sketchbook Pro, IMO. It would be nice to have the gallery function in Android Artrage in V5. Keep up the good works!


03-10-2017, 08:42 PM
Is there any chance a tablet mode is in the work? If not, I'm thinking about make a custom floating virtual keypad with http://chessware.ch/virtual-keyboard/

Pavig Lok
03-11-2017, 01:11 AM
Great ideas there. Additional notes:

perhaps place an icon to show/hide panels in the right icon group of the top bar (ie button for tab-key functionality)
Allow tool presets (or current tool settings) to be torn off and docked in a collection. ie. a dynamic way collect tools like you collect color swatches. I believe something similar was possible in the older minimal ui mode.
If a cintiq is the second display (or when moving between displays) ensure artrage rechecks display geometry. (Currently when moving between displays AR takes the geometry of the first display when displaying on the second. If the second display is smaller the window geometry is wrong and the zoom icon is hidden beyond the right of the screen. This is also the case for pop up paletes/windows, which appear outside screen geometry. Popups can be reset to within screen geometry by closing and opening them via the menu bar, but there is no fullscreen toggle for the main AR window itself. OSX apps usually include fullscreen toggle in the "view" menu in addition to window dressing widgets.) (OSX 10.12.3)