View Full Version : ArtRage 5 5.0.3 Update Available.

02-21-2017, 04:25 PM
A 5.0.3 update is now available from the Member Area (https://members.artrage.com) if you have registered your product. Sorry for the rapid fire update but there were a couple of issues that appeared in 5.0.2 that we wanted to resolve quickly.


Tooltips no longer get in the way of clicks on buttons on floating panels.
Fixed a crash that could occur when launching the brush designer from the Tool Settings panel when it was open as a popup from the Menu Bar in Docking mode.
Fixed a potential issue at tool up time relating to canvas snap points.
The OS X cursor now updates around the edges of references to indicate rotate and scale points.
Clicking a reference in the Refs panel now brings its window to the front.
Fixed a problem with the sampler working in the lower area of a canvas that is taller than it is wide - The sampler would not process when in those areas.
Fixed artefacting and some repeated impression issues in the Custom Brush.
Classic mode Tool and Colour picker Collapse buttons now respect Lights Out mode changes.
Scripting now correctly records gradient fill operations.
Added a wait indicator to Redo operations after undoing Warp.