View Full Version : the Jester

02-10-2017, 12:49 PM
more fun with AR5 this one is 24"x30" a very loose association with a court jester of old..

02-10-2017, 04:22 PM
Very loose association, I'd say! Having one foot pretty much realistic offers a great clue -- thanks! It sure helps me jog my imagination to get more enjoyment out of the rest of the picture. Well done, as always!

02-10-2017, 10:55 PM
Jesterdayyyy, all my troubles seeems so far awaayyy ....

This painting seems to really sing and with such a silvery and shrill voice!

This time You reduced the color area sizes and the earth tones, but You kept the colored greys on the background giving depth and contrast to the voice modulations of Your colors

02-12-2017, 07:05 PM
Nice, Gary. Been away. I've missed your stuff.

02-12-2017, 08:19 PM
Well I found the foot and what looks like an arm, the rest is chaos to me, but I think that is what many jesters are looking to create. :D:D:D:D

02-12-2017, 11:14 PM
Am enjoying the textures in this work!