View Full Version : Custom Brush is Laggy

02-09-2017, 07:38 AM
Hi, my first post here! Thanks for all the good work, I'm liking AR5 a lot.

The Custom Brush is very laggy for me, I'm just playing with the built in presets for now, like the Bristle 6 Blend, but they all seem to crawl and don't feel very usable at all to me personally. I'm painting on a small canvas 800x800px just for testing. Every other tool is fine, even the Oil Brush at 500% doesn't lag for me.


AR 5.0.1
Win 10 x64
Intuos Pro
i7 6700 - 3.8GHz
16GB RAM - 2600MHz

Any way I can speed it up?

02-09-2017, 03:19 PM
Unfortunately certain settings for this brush are *extremely* memory intensive and using them is like switching from the Oils to the Watercolor.

To increase performance:

- increase Spacing. 0% spacing is doing 100 times more work than 100% spacing, so even a little tweak there can help.

- if you're using custom brush heads, try and keep them under 400px or so, so ArtRage isn't loading giant images with every stroke.

- obviously the 'correctional' effects like smoothing and taper add a bit of extra processing

- pick up color will also slow things down. Turn this off for a speedier brush.

- tool size will also always be a factor.

But once you've tweaked, you should have very usuable brushes.