View Full Version : Record Function - Can I save my script recordings as another file to post elsewhere?

02-06-2017, 07:15 AM
So I'm just getting into recording my painting session, and I know I can save them as an ArtRage file and share with others who use the program to view. However I liked the idea of being able to save the recording as another file to maybe add music to it and post it on say Youtube or Tumblr. Is this at all possible or do I need fancy desktop recording software?

I'm using ArtRage 4.

Thank you for the help.

02-06-2017, 08:13 AM
Hello LimeGrenade and welcome to the ArtRage forums:)
AR scripts are just instructions to tell AR what to paint when you play them and contain nothing usable by other apps.
So, yes you will need some form of screen recording software to record your screen as the script plays if you want a video file.
How fancy a recording software you want depends on how much you want to pay probably!
Have a look around the net Iím sure you will find something to meet your needs/budget.

02-06-2017, 11:20 AM
Markw's correct. You'll need to use a different program to record the screen if you want it saved as a video file you can then post to something like YouTube. There's probably a lot of options out there, but I've been very happy with Movie Edit Pro Plus (http://www.magix.com/us/movie-edit-pro/plus/functions/). Apart from being able to record your screen (which is a secondary feature for it), it's great for editing video and music.

As an example of the type recording quality you can expect, here's a video I made with it: Into The Stars - ArtRage Watercolor Tutorial Part 1 (https://youtu.be/-8bb-M_wgcc)