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10-09-2016, 08:06 PM
Hi all knowledgeable ArtRage People,

To begin with, I have read through all the past posts and seen the linked video regarding removal of layers/palette/trace image etc. However, I am still lost as to how to change this in the scripting file. The primary issue I am encountering is that it appears that the lines of code are currently different to what has been shown previously in this forum and I am requesting some specific help/tutorial if at all possible.

What I would like to achieve is to have a playback of a painting with only the canvas and brush strokes visible, similar to many Youtube users' work (RothDog (https://www.youtube.com/user/Rothejfunk/videos) for example).

If anyone has a batch file or a specific way of achieving this it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

10-10-2016, 01:14 PM
The menus (layers, tools etc) are easy: just close them on the screen before beginning playback. Tool changes are recorded, but not the menus themselves.

Tracing and reference images:

If you add these before you start the script, and don't tick 'include current painting', then they won't be shown in the script playback.

To remove them after a script has been saved, then:

1. Ctrl + F for 'Reference' and 'tracing'
2. Remove the command line section and the giant block of image data after it.

Wait: 1.916s EvType: Command CommandID: LoadReferenceImage Idx: 0 Reference Image: {

╰▒▘┭╮◒╅╞┶►╽●▆╶◾▉▽◙◮┷◖▫◕▕◖▵◙╟▭╍▣╒╡●◚◧┟▿◙┞▬╿╩╊╢◤◷╳▏◝ ╬▍▟▽┡┚◯◕◖◵◵▿╚●▖╗╆◳◰╫┛◒◩┲┛◑◥◻◙┤╯╜◶▒┦┉◗▒◀╙┒┷▿▤┽┟◾╜◳◮ ┌╨╷▹┵╻▱╌◢╼┊┡▄┐╂┈┡▄┐╂╜▬◔▬╙┻┈◠╚┵◯▶▚┵◮▶╛▫◝╩◕▪◞╡╷╄╥△◧◎ ▱◓▖┑╱┢┓◲▧┢┬▀▶┹▓▞▊◒╔◝▓□┮◇▩►▩◔▏╉╓◗▝╍◪╼▊◴▲◤┾█◢◅┳ ╓▧◌▰◒
[continues for ages]

} // End of reference image binary data.

Script editing tips:

- the tool/menu name will always be in the script file, so you can just search for it.
- create a test script with JUST that action/tool/feature if you're not sure what you're looking for.