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07-19-2016, 10:46 AM
I haven't posted here in quite a while. Been very busy.
But anyway, I'm currently working on a set of digital portraits to be exhibited (more details will be posted in the future) but I thought I'd share the first three in the series and the background to why I chose the subject.

My job as a body piercer is what inspired these images, I'm a big fan of the history behind my job and the way body modification is used around the world, in most cases to express beauty in a very different way to what we in the Western world consider to be beautiful.

A young Mursi woman with a decorative lip plate.

An Apatani woman with stretched nostril and facial tattoos.

A Kayan "long-necked" woman with brass neck coils.

I hope you all like them.


D Akey
07-19-2016, 10:58 AM
Good stuff! I had always had people hollering at me to 'put a cork in it'. I see that first chap actually took it literally. . . with a pretty massive cork.

I love the beautiful range of cultural images that actually seem to be disappearing. Great subjects well painted!

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07-19-2016, 07:13 PM
Absolutely fantastic paintings! Your mastery is evident! You look a good professional indeed!
Curious way to play DVDs on the first one, isn't it? LOL:o;)

Interesting matter to learn of the various body ornamental traditions in past cultures and their relationship with some kind of shared values and life-phase crossing (including tattoes and scaring I mean).
Certainly Much more than to see people today who, in so many cases, use their bodies to show-off their narcissistic needs, generally without a true, meaningful message or to express a fake or market-oriented transgressive attitude.
This fortunately created further business opportunities, so I guess You may like ethnical curiosity, but certainly appreciate the new trend to work creatively and enjoy it!