View Full Version : Building a PC - optimum hardware considerations?

07-11-2016, 02:17 AM

I'm thinking of building a desktop PC for work and I was wondering what
sort of hardware I should invest in for an optimum and responsive
performance with Artrage.

I'm hoping to get a Wacom display monitor so I'm really hoping to make
the brushes as responsive as possible for a true-to-life drawing experience.
Aside from a decent multicore processor and RAM, is there a considerable
boost in performance with:
Ram speed - i.e. GDDR5 vs DDR4 vs DDR3?
Recommended Graphics Cards?
Is Graphic Card memory more important?

Look forward to hearing from you

07-11-2016, 05:51 AM
The RAM memory is the most important thing - the more + faster RAM you have, the better, basically. Absolute minimum 8GB, 16GB would be awesome, more than that is probably overkill but certainly wouldn't hurt.

(Note: Different OS have different caps on the amount of RAM they can use at one time, so that's the only thing to check - no point adding more RAM than your system will actually use).

07-11-2016, 09:27 AM
Thanks for your reply :) I currently have 12GB and it runs pretty well on my laptop. Though I think it's just DDR2. Does Artrage make use of Graphic Card memory or is a card that important?

07-12-2016, 02:13 PM
ArtRage doesn't use the graphics card - so load up on RAM and don't worry about it unless you need one for something else.

07-13-2016, 04:54 PM
I have the latest version of ArtRage on my 4Gb ram Vista laptop and it works like a dream.