View Full Version : Problems importing 16 bit PSD?

07-10-2016, 06:33 AM

Just trying to import a 16 bit illustration scan that's in PSD format but it's not importing
correctly and outputs a corrupt image of black and white stripes... I don't have any
groups or adjustment layers in the psd, just normal layers. A tiff version seems to
import fine, though as a flattened layer.

Does Artrage support 16 bit PSDs? Or is there some workaround for this? I see one of the
administrators posted this but it doesn't seem to be the case for PSDs...

"Internally ArtRage uses full-gamut 32 bit RGBA in most cases. In some instances we use 16-bit-per-channel blending for improved colour purity, as well as proprietry colour-blending and paint mixing algorithms.
When paintings are exported in PSD format we use the full 32bit range with no gamma correction. " https://forums.artrage.com/showthread.php?27187-Color-space-Color-settings&p=274413#post274413

07-12-2016, 02:43 PM
Unfortunately ArtRage doesn't support 16 bit PSDs (the 16 bit and 32 bit items you quote relate to non colour channels for volume data and 8 bit per channel colour values respectively, Photoshop's 16 bit PSD is 16 bit per colour channel).