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05-15-2016, 08:28 AM

I've went through and read most of the threads, FAQs about the lag in El Capitan.

Don't use ArtRage a lot, but recently installed it again and there's quite a noticeable lag after drawing a long line or shading. Generally, the app is responsive overall. Where it's lagging is when...

Grab the Felt Pen (for example), set the size about 30-50% and start drawing a L-O-N-G wavy line or start shading. Do not lift the stylus off the tablet during this operation. Just make sure your shading for about 2-3 seconds or longer. Or draw a long long long scribbly/wavy line all over the canvas without lifting the pen. The moment you lift the pen up, it takes about a second until the the cursor catches up again.

This happens on:
El Crapitan 10.11.3
ArtRage 4.5.9
Mac mini late 2012 / 8G / 250G / 2.6GHz i7 x 4
Wacom driver 6.3.15-3

Noticed that once I install the Wacom driver on the Mac an Ink setting appear in the Control Panel. I made sure all settings are set to OFF (just in case) and every checkbox is unchecked (where applicable).

It's probably not the Wacom driver cuz I also use Autodesk SketchBook and there things are really smooth.

However, on Windows ArtRage is running very smooth:
Windows 7 Pro / 16G / 250G / 2.8GHz i7 x 4
ArtRage 4.5.9

05-22-2016, 10:54 PM
Thanks for the 4.5.10 update! This seem to solve the lag I was having.

05-23-2016, 12:10 PM
Sorry we didn't reply earlier, but glad to hear it's working now!